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Description of Program

This course is the study of the basic principles of Nail Technology that will prepare students to meet all the requirements necessary to pass state licensure examination and obtain gainful employment in the field of Nail Technician. Upon successful completion of this course, students are able to demonstrate professional conduct, recognize nail disorders and diseases, and identify and perform procedures for sanitation and nail care services.

Name of Course(s) Within this Program of Study




Electric filing

Nail tips


Light gels and acrylic nail   

Equipment Used by Instructors and Students

  • Cotton
  • Hand Soap
  • Container and Supplies for Preparation of Wet and Dry Sanitary Maintenance Area
  • Container for Disinfection of Implements
  • Disinfectant Solution that Meets Requirements of Board Regulation
  • Polish Remover
  • Manicure Bowl and Brush
  • Pedicure Tubs
  • Emery Boards
  • Cuticle Solvent
  • Cuticle Oil or Cream
  • Hand Lotion
  • Liquid Polish (medium to dark shade)
  • Cuticle Nippers and Scissors
  • Metal Cuticle Pusher
  • Plastic/Orangewood Stick
  • Sufficient Terry Towels for Manicuring Examination
  • Paper Towels
  • Portion Cups
  • First-Aid Supplies for Cuts
  • Sufficient Material and Equipment to Apply Acrylic Nails, Nail Tips, and Nail Wraps


List the skills or competencies to be acquired by the student.

  • Clean and sanitize tools and work environment.
  • Schedule client appointments and accept payments.
  • Remove previously applied nail polish, using liquid remover and swabs.
  • Clean customers' nails in soapy water, using swabs, files, and orange sticks.
  • Shape and smooth ends of nails, using scissors, files, and emery boards.
  • Apply undercoat and clear or colored polish onto nails with brush.
  • Advise clients on nail care and use of products and colors.
  • Assess the condition of clients' hands, remove dead skin from the hands and massage them.
  • Soften nail cuticles with water and oil, push back cuticles, using cuticle knife, and trim cuticles, using scissors or nippers.
  • Brush powder and solvent onto nails and paper forms to maintain nail appearance and to extend nails, then remove forms and shape and smooth nail edges using rotary abrasive wheel


Does Training Lead to Licensing or Certification


List of Requirements for Eligibility for Licensure:



Completion of a Board approved course of instruction and achievement of a passing grade on a Cosmetology Board administered exam.




Which Agency certifies or licenses graduates?

California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Is an Externship or Internship Required?


Requirements for Completion

To complete this program a student must attend a minimum of 85% of the scheduled hours of instruction, achieve an average score of 75% or greater on quizzes and exams, and pass an instructor monitored practical exam demonstrating competence in the fundamentals of the basic manicure care.