Program Length in Hours


Description of Program

A 1600-hour course which includes the study and practice of all aspects of the beautification and care of the hair, skin and nails. The course provides for both classroom instruction and supervised practice of job related skills such as hairdressing, hair cutting, coloring, manicuring and skin care services. The program also includes the study of relative subjects such as, bacteriology, anatomy, chemistry, health, etc.


Name of Course(s) Within this Program of Study

1 Hair Care

2 Facial

3 Nail Care

4 Make Up

Equipment Used by Instructors and Students

§  Sufficient electrical equipment and dermal lights for giving instruction in skin care and electrical facials ( at least one red, blue and white light).

§  mannequins, with full head of hair.

§  time clock

§  shampoo bowls.

§  dryers

§  facial chairs or facial couches

§  manicure stations

§  electrical cap


§  electric comb

§  non electric combs

§  electric curling iron

§  non electric curling irons

§  stove


§  Textbook approved by the board

§  Performance Criteria 

List the skills or competencies to be acquired by the student.

§  Wet Hair Styling

§  Thermal Hair Styling

§  Permanent Waving

§  Chemical Straightening

§  Haircutting

§  Hair coloring

§  Bleaching

§  Scalp and Hair Treatments

§  Facials Manual

§  Electric

§  Make-up         

§  Manicuring and Pedicuring

§  Liquid and Powder Brush-on

§  Artificial Nail Tips

§  Nail Wraps and Repairs

Does Training Lead to Licensing or Certification


List of Requirements for Eligibility for Licensure:




Completion of a Board approved course of instruction and achievement of a passing grade on a Cosmetology Board administered exam.

Which Agency certifies or licenses graduates?

California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Is an Externship or Internship Required?


Requirements for Completion

Students shall complete the minimum required number of theory hours and practical operations as specified by the State of California, with a final evaluation score for practical and written test of 75% or better. In addition to the state’s requirements, students at must also complete the following course work: To complete this program a student must attend a minimum of 85% of the scheduled hours of instruction, and pass an instructor monitored practical exam demonstrating competence in the practice of all aspects of the beautification and care of the hair, skin and nails 

1.      Complete all assignments from the standard theory and practical workbooks.

2.      View videos from required viewing video list.

3.      Prepare a photo portfolio of your finished work. (Minimum of 15 photos.)

4.      Prepare an organized notebook with subject headings and procedure sheets.

5.      Complete a typed functional resume and cover letter (class given for creating a resume.) Upon satisfactory completion of 1600 hours, the State requirements, and the Course Work listed above, the student shall receive Katie Skills Center’s certified diploma.