Program Name – Barber



Program Length in Hours


Description of Program

The Barber Program consists of lessons addressing the treatment of hair and scalp. Topics include shampooing, hair cutting, hair styling, shaving, hair coloring, permanent waving and chemical relaxers, facial massage and treatments, sanitation procedures, and salon management. Students successfully completing this program will be eligible to sit for the exam for state licensure in California which is administered the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Equipment Used by Instructors and Students

As required by the Cosmetology Board:

1 Time clock

3 Shampoo bowls – (when the average daily attendance exceeds 15 students, additional bowls shall be added at the ratio of one for each 5 students in average daily attendance in excess of 15)

15 Barber chairs – Chairs shall be spaced at least 4½ feet from center to center (when the average daily attendance exceeds 15 students, additional barber chairs shall be added at the ratio of one for each student in average daily attendance in excess of 15)

Workstations – One workstation for each barber chair. Workstations having a wood surface shall be covered with a hard-based paint or some other nonabsorbent washable material.

Wet sterilizer – One for each barber chair for individual use of each student. 2 Closed receptacles – For each barber chair, one for disposal of used papers and the other for used linens.

Classrooms – Equipped with either armchairs suitable for students taking notes, or regular school desks.

Thermal Hair Straighteners

1 Electric curling iron

List the skills or competencies to be acquired by the student.

Men’s Hair Cutting


Side and Back Fade

High and Tight

Flat Top



Razor Cutting

Business Professional

Men’s Grooming

Beard and Mustache Trim

Other Facial Hair Trim

Facial Shaving            

Scalp Treatments

Scalp & Facial Massage

Shampooing and Hair Care

Women’s Basic Haircutting

Basic Styles

Other Skills Taught

Networking Skills

Client Interaction

Product Support

Interviewing/Job Placement Skills

Theory applied to Professional Barbering

Does Training Lead to Licensing or Certification


List of Requirements for Eligibility for Licensure:



Completion of a Board approved course of instruction and achievement of a passing grade on a Cosmetology Board administered exam.




Which Agency certifies or licenses graduates?

California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Is an Externship or Internship Required?


Name of Course(s) Within this Program of Study

The curriculum for students enrolled in a barbering program shall consist of fifteen hundred (1500) hours of technical instruction and practical training as follows:


Permanent Waving and Chemical Straightening

Hair Coloring and Bleaching

Hair Cutting


Instruction in Health and Safety

Laws and Regulations

Health and Safety Considerations

Disinfection and Sanitation

Anatomy and Physiology

Other Board Recommended Studies (communications)


Requirements for Completion

To complete this program a student must attend a minimum of 85% of the scheduled hours of instruction, achieve an average score of 75% or greater on quizzes and exams, and pass an instructor monitored practical exam demonstrating competence in the fundamentals of the basic manicure care.